Indocumentales Film Series includes MI VIDA DENTRO, a documentary about Rosa Estela Olera Jiménez, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico who is convicted of killing a 21 month year old boy under her care.  This past December Judge Baird ruled that Rosa be granted a new trial.  According to an Austin Chronicle article:

[Rosa’s new lawyer] Bryce Benjet argued several claims in his writ – including that Jimenez should be declared innocent, that prosecutorial misconduct marred the original trial, and that Jimenez was denied due process because she was not given access to funds to hire her own experts to testify at her 2005 trial, where she had ineffective legal representation.

Baird disagreed that Jimenez should be granted relief based on actual innocence or on prosecutorial misconduct claims but agreed she should be given relief based on her due process and ineffective assistance claims. … Baird’s ruling now goes to the Court of Criminal Appeals, which will decide whether to affirm his ruling and grant Jimenez relief.

As of the date of this post, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has not yet made a decision.

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