Indocumentales video from UW-Madison

Check out the Indocumentales Film Series footage from UW-Madison:

Indocumentales Video from UW-Madison

The Indocumentales project uses documentaries as a means to engage wide audience interest in the complex topic of immigration. The five-week outreach effort was a partnership between LACIS (Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies) and the Memorial Library at the University of Wisconsin. Screenings of films and discussion sessions were combined with a “History of Mexican/US immigration and border issues” exhibit open to the campus. The Ibero-American Studies Librarian curated the exhibit and created an online research guide (available via web) covering two-hundred years of immigration. A promotional effort was added to attract a target audience of K-12 teachers, UW students and faculty, community activists, public opinion leaders and the general public. Indocumentales (5 documentaries and a resource guide), was developed by CLACS at New York University in collaboration with advocacy NGOs. Which Way Home?, focused on child workers attempting to enter the US, while, Los Que Se Quedan, looked at the Mexican families left behind. Other films such as, Al Otro Lado and Farmingville, examined hot-button topics like, drugs, immigration laws, and fights between groups seeking to remove undocumented workers from communities. Each screening was followed by a discussion with special guests including academics, immigration lawyers and community activists. A salient theme of the five-week period was that each documentary introduced a complex issue using a thoughtful story a wider audience could digest. We believe this contributed to a more constructive discussion while providing valuable data to the audience. The dialogues were taped and edited for analysis (This footage can be viewed in the video player above).

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