CLACS hosts educator workshop on “Which Way Home”

On December 14th, NYU CLACS Outreach Program hosted a screening and discussion with area educators on the film Which Way Home. This was the second event in December for area educators. Which Way Home, a 2009 film by Rebecca Cammisa, focuses on immigrant children from Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico, who must overcome tremendous odds in their journey to the U.S.

The discussion, facilitated by Shamina de Gonzaga and Gala Narezo of what moves you?, opened a dialogue focusing on how teachers might use the film to teach on topics of migration, the challenges that children face on journeys between countries, and connections between the lives of the kids in their classroom with those of the kids shown in the film.

Many teachers commented on particular video clips that might be useful for their classroom. The group also speculated on the fate of the children in the film, a discussion that may be particularly relevant to open in classrooms. Following the release of the film, the NY Times followed up on one of the kids in the film who gained asylum in the US.

The Indocumentales program Resources page includes links to a UW-Madison website featuring commentary and resources on Which Way Home.

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