Mi Vida Dentro at the Pueblo Center, Tucson, AZ

It was February 2, 2012 that the UA Center for Latin American Studies screened the film Mi Vida Dentro . Our venue is located on the south-side of Tucson at the Pueblo Center. Primarily, our goal is to reconnect with the south-side community through the Borderlands Community Film Series. The film, Mi Vida Dentro , caused several of our viewers to shake their heads in disappointment. After the film ended we held an open discussion for general questions. Even though the film was mostly in Spanish without subtitles, our viewers understood the message. The questions that dominated the discussion pertained to legal and cultural issues. For example, if an illegal immigrant was in need of help should they call emergency services. Although they are entitled to this right most will not for fear of being deported. Furthermore, our viewers were appalled by the prosecutor’s racist remarks while she was addressing the jury. To be specific, it was her comment about Mexicans being smarter than they looked. Overall the viewers enjoyed the film and left home questioning the U.S. justice system.

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