Farmingville presented as part of Borderlands Community Film Series, Tucson, AZ

Our second film of the Borderlands Community Film Series was Farmingville. The film highlighted the tensions of the town after Mexican day laborers began to be employed in the community. Unfortunately the clash led to the savage beating of two undocumented workers. The film offered various perspectives over the issue of immigration which helped greatly in discussing the film. After the film, our general discussion was dominated with questions about how should immigrant populations be integrated into the country. Also towards the end of the film, it was mentioned that a new wave of immigrants from Mexico City had arrived in Farmingville. As a result, tensions emerged between the first wave and the newly arrived wave. The audience had a difficulty understand why there were hostilities between the groups.  I had to explain that even though they were Mexican, the first group came from a rural background while the new wave came from the inner-city. In other words, the tension that existed in Mexico between the groups reemerged in Farmingville. Overall the film was received well by the audience.

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