Indocumentales launches 4 part series in collaboration with Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development

Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development is a private, nonprofit agency founded in 1972 to provide emergency shelter and services in Phoenix for runaway and homeless youth. Its mission is to provide a safe space for collaborating with youth and young adults in the community who are vulnerable or experiencing homelessness.

Casa de Sueños (The Dream House) is one of Tumbleweed’s programs that provide transitional housing, education, recreation, religious, and reunification services for unaccompanied and undocumented minors from Latin America. 3 group homes house up to 10 teenagers each between the ages of 13-17. The youth mainly come from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Ecuador. The Director, Coordinators, Clinicians, Counselors, and Youth Care Workers offer cross-cultural support while encouraging clients through the Youth Development Model to maximize their potential, preparing them whether they stay in the US or return abroad.

Thanks to the University of Arizona’s Latin American Studies program, 4 films are on loan to Tumbleweed this July-August. Hosting the screenings and post-discussions will hopefully provide continuous professional development to staff while further educating administrators, volunteers, and board members about the population Casa de Sueños serves.

Posted by Lindy Drew, Team Coordinator, Casa de Sueños, Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development

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