Los Que Se Quedan Movie Presentation at Tumbleweed :: Phoenix, AZ

On July 25, 2012, the Indocumentales-Tumbleweed film series showed Los Que Se Quedan by Juan Carlos Rulfo and Carlos Hagerman. Two Casa de Sueños Case Managers and myself helped facilitate a brief discussion after. One theme that ran throughout the film that appeared interesting to viewers included how education or lack of education can affect migration. Another was what it means to be a family even though members are separated, often absent in times of celebration or hardship. Finally, we touched on how there seemed to be huge sacrifices for those who left in exchange for material gains like the loss of identity and gaps in not seeing their children go through certain ceremonial rights of passage.

We had the highest turnout of viewers attend this screening so far with 33 attendees. The further into the film series, the more I have heard Tumbleweed staff express how excited they have been about the films being shown. It has definitely been a fresh inviting way to involve everyone from the different programs in an activity where they can gain more insight into the immigration issue. In fact, the films have been a springboard for people to share their curiosity about workers rights, policies that help or hinder migrant workers, how other populations other than Latinos fare in the immigration debate, and what resources are available to help people without papers be productive members of society.

Posted by Lindy Drew, Team Coordinator, Casa de Sueños, Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development

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