La Jaula de Oro

Thursday, December 17, 2015 at 6:30 pm
KJCC Auditorium, 53 Washington Square South, New York, NY, 10012
Free Screening of La Jaula de Oro and an interactive discussion with a focus on the immigration experiences of Indigenous Peoples with Amalia Córdova, indigenous film scholar and Assistant Director at CLACS, and Daniel Kaufman, co-director of the Endangered Language Alliance in New York.
Reception to follow. RSVP

About the film: With over 80 awards, including for Best Film and Best Director at the Thessaloniki Film Festival, and for Best New Director at the Chicago Film Festival, La Jaula de Oro became the most internationally awarded Mexican film in history. The film swept the 56th edition of the Ariel Awards–Mexico’s national cinema honors–receiving nine awards including for Best Picture, Debut Feature, Original Screenplay, Actor (Brandon López) and supporting actor (Rodolfo Domínguez). Starring an impressive ensemble cast of non-professional actors, La Jaula de Oro is the story of three teenagers from the slums of Guatemala who travel to the U.S. in search of a better life. On their journey through Mexico they meet Chauk, a Tzotzil kid from Chiapas who doesn’t speak Spanish. Travelling together in cargo trains, walking on the railroad tracks, they soon have to face a harsh reality. An urgent and timely drama that reflects the plight of migrants as they cross Mexico in their way to search for the American dream, La Jaula de Oro is a powerful and lyrical film that presents a humane and fresh take on contemporary reality, and secures Quemada-Diez as a filmmaker to follow.

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