About Us

Indocumentales/Undocumentaries is a US/Mexico Interdependent Film Series founded by three organizations located in New York City:  what moves you?, Cinema Tropical, and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) at New York University. Through collaborative programming, the series has also partnered with other organizations such as the Mexican Cultural Institute and a vast array of host sites representing schools, non-profits, and community organizations. As of 2013 the CUNY Institute of Mexican Studies has also become part of the Indocumentales team of co-presenters.

what moves you? is an organization that produces educational public art and other media exploring the relevance of global and social issues in people’s lives. From the United Nations, to the Aspen Institute and academic and cultural institutions, what moves you? installations and workshops provide a platform for the voices of communities to be heard on the issues that impact their lives. Co-founded by documentary team, Gala Narezo and Shamina de Gonzaga, both New Yorkers of Mexican heritage, what moves you? launched the MEXUS platform for inclusive dialogue on Mexico-U.S. relations, an educational campaign presenting the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and aspirations of the Mexican community in the United States.

Cinema Tropical is a 501(c)(3) non-profit media arts organization dedicated to the promotion, programming and distribution of Latin American cinema in the U.S.  Founded in 2001 by Carlos A. Gutiérrez and Mónika Wagenberg, Cinema Tropical has become a leading force by establishing a screening circuit in twelve venues in North America, building a library of over 35 titles, and working on numerous marketing and promotional campaigns for many film releases and series.

The Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) at New York University is an interdisciplinary teaching, research, and public information program. It is a home for a small core of dedicated CLACS faculty and a touchstone for approximately 130 affiliated faculty in 20 departments in Arts and Science, as well as 8 professional schools, with special depth at the border between the social sciences and humanities and in the Andean, Brazilian, Iberian Atlantic and Caribbean regions. CLACS is designated as a Title VI National Resource Center (NRC), offering exciting MA programs, curricular innovation for Masters and Doctoral students across the university and Foreign Language and Area Studies fellowship (FLAS) to support lesser taught languages of the Americas. CLACS is a leader in innovative training and outreach programs aimed at primary and secondary education, as well as postsecondary institutions based in the New York area, a forum for symposia, conferences, colloquium series, and film series and a clearinghouse for information and coordinated scholarly interaction across the hemisphere.

The CUNY Institute of Mexican Studies, based at Lehman College, is the culmination of nearly a decade of work by faculty, administrators, staff, and students to boost enrollment of Mexican and Mexican-American students, foster research with and about Mexico and Mexicans in the United States, and collaborate with community-based organizations to support and empower the Mexican immigrant community. With a special focus on Mexicans in the diaspora, especially Mexicans in New York, the Institute offers a space for the Mexican community to consider its own and an institutional location for support of scholarly and community advocacy projects.

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