INDOCUMENTALES/UNDOCUMENTARIES provides educational resources and an interactive network so that people have an opportunity to engage, come away more informed on the issues and have an impact.

Below you will find teaching materials and articles pertaining to films in the series. Additionally, you will find a broad array of background information, texts, web resources and articles that focus on topics that emerge from the documentary films and discussions.

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Al Otro Lado: PBS teaching website, PBS discussion guide, PBS multi-media resource guide, UW-Madison  Al Otro Lado resource guide
Farmingville: PBS teaching website, PBS lesson plan, PBS multi-media resource guide, UW-Madison Farmingville resource guide, Farmingville website
Los Que Se Quedan: Film website, teacher guide in Spanish, UW-Madison Los Que Se Quedan resource guide
Sixth Section: PBS teaching website, PBS discussion guide, PBS multi-media resource guide, Sixth Section website
Other: University of Wisconsin-Madison Which Way Home resource guide and Mi Vida Dentro resource guide, Central Michigan University El Norte lesson plan, Which Way Home website.


Ancient Civilizations in Mexico: Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute resources
Art and Identity in Mexico, from the Olmec to Modern Times: Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute resources
Aztecs: Resources hosted by Edsitement (3-5)
Border Studies Curriculum: New Mexico State University’s Center for Latin American and Border Studies: 20 Lesson plans on the Border
Bracero History Archive: lesson plans from
Centennial of the Mexican Revolution: Resources hosted by Edsitement
Conference on Latin American History: Internet sources for teaching Mexican history
Corridos about the Mexican Revolution: Lessons produced by The Kennedy Center Arts Edge (9-12)
Cortes and the Aztecs: Different Views of the World: PBS resources (4-12)
Crossing the U.S./ Mexican Border: PBS resources to use with Al Otro Lado
Diego Rivera’s Murals: lessons produced by the University of Pittsburgh (4-8)
Five artists of the Mexican Revolution: Lessons produced by The Kennedy Center Arts Edge (9-12)
Form and Theme in the Traditional Mexican Corrido: Lessons produced by The Kennedy Center Arts Edge (9-12)
Gender and Race in Colonial Latin America: Produced by Nora Jaffary, Concordia University
Immigration Debate in the Classroom: Score History Social/ Science, website by Margaret Hill, Ph.D
Immigration teaching resources: Facing History and Ourselves teaching resources
Immigration: The Changing Face of America: Resources from the Library of Congress
Immigration to the United States: Activities for Elementary School Classrooms created by Stanford that addresses concepts like why people move, the immigrant experience in the US, group migration and US immigration law
Impact of the Mexican Revolution on the United States: El Alma de la Raza Series: lesson plan created by Steven Garner (9-12)
Latin American School and Educational Resources: MSU resources for teachers by country, including comprehensive newspaper links, country background information and lessons
Learning about Immigration Through Oral History: Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (Middle School)
Life and Times of Frida Kahlo: PBS teaching resources (7-12)
Manifest Destiny and the Mexican American War: lesson plan created by Shannon Stenger, Omaha Central High School
Mexican American War- El Alma de la Raza Series: lesson plan created by Daniel Villescas, Denver Public Schools
Mexican Drug Wars, on Twitter: Using Social Media for Social Action: The New York Times, Teaching and Learning (9-12)
Mexican Immigration to the United States 1900-1999: National Center for History in the Schools, lesson by Kelly Lytle Hernandez (7-12)
Mexican Independence Lesson Plans from Lesson Planet
Mexican Independence Day: Utah State University’s College of Education Lesson Plan
Mexican Folk Art: Information booklet with review questions from University of California, Hearst Museum of Anthropology
New Americans Lesson Plan: PBS Independent Lens resources They’re Coming to
Popular Mexican Arts: Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute resources
Teaching Mexican American Studies: resources from the North American Center for Transborder Studies
Teaching Mexican Independence Day by Marla Hueller (3-5) for Utah State University
Teaching Tolerance: Southern Poverty Law Center teaching kits
The Aztecs: A Pre-Columbian History Curriculum: Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute resources
They’re Coming to America: Immigrants Past and Present lessons for Grades 5-7 and They’re Coming to America: Immigrants Past and Present lessons for Grades 7-9: PBS Faces of America series with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
US-Mexican War: PBS Resources on US-Mexican War
Using the Military at the U.S.- Mexico Border: PBS resources to be used with The Ballad of Esequiel Hernandez
War Next Door: Drug Trafficking: University of Southern Florida, Global Schools Project lesson by Kelly Miliziano (9-12)
When Worlds Collide: The Untold Story of the Americas After Columbus: PBS resources include essay on Social Order in the Spanish New World by Maria Elena Martinez


The following links include bibliographic and web resources for specific topics:

Cultures of Mexico
Independence and Early Republic
Mexican Revolution
Overview Resources Mexican History
Pre-Columbian Mexico-Conquest
U.S.-Mexican War
U.S.-Mexico Border
U.S.-Mexico Drug Trafficking
U.S.-Mexico Immigration

For additional resources, check out the Indocumentales Resource Packet for comprehensive bibliographies on these topics.


America on the Move: Latino Stories: Site created by the National Museum of American History which has links to the Smithsonian’s collection and features photos and information relating to Mexican Identity, Caribbean Rafters and the Bracero program.
American Historical Association : The Conquest of Mexico
Association for Borderlands Studies
Border Studies: An Annotated List of Cultural and Academic Web Sources
University of California, Berkeley List of films on immigration/border issues
Borderlands Encyclopedia: multimedia instructional resource on contemporary issues of the U.S.-Mexico border
Casa Historia: website created by Les Fearns, history professor
Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, UC San Diego: supports multidisciplinary research on Mexico, U.S.-Mexican relations, and Mexican-origin populations in North America
Center for Comparative Immigration Studies: an academic center whose research agenda focuses on Mexican migration to California and comparative, cross-national and cross-regional research on international migratory movements, immigration policy, and citizenship policy
Center for Migration Studies of New York (CMS): a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to support and undertake research, and to provide a forum for debate on international migration
Chicano Database
Early Republic: Resources on post-Independence from
El Norte newspaper
El Sol de México
El Universal
Foundation for the advancement of Mesoamerican studies
La Crónica de Hoy
Language and Literature: Mexico: Internet Resources from US Library of Congress
Mexican-American War: Materials on
Mexican and Latin American Literature: Selected Sources, from the University Library at California State University, Stanislaus
Mexican Drug Trafficking: The New York Times, Times Topics resources
Mexican Government website (Spanish)
Mexican Independence: Essay from the PBS series The Border
Mexican Migration Project: a binational research effort whose main focus has been to gather social as well as economic information on Mexican-US migration
Mexican Revolution: Links from
Mexican Revolution: From Dictatorship to Constitutional Republic: Resources compiled by historian Emerson Kent
Mexico’s Colonial Era – Part I: Essay from
Middle American Research Institute at Tulane University
Migrations in History: Smithsonian Education resources
Museo Nacional de Antropologia
PBS: Conquistadors
PBS: Mexican Revolution
PBS: The City
PBS: The New World Before Contact
PBS US-Mexican War
Pew Hispanic Center: non-partisan research about Latinos in the U.S.
Sam Quinones’ website: acclaimed journalist and author (Immigration, Drug trafficking, Border issues
Secretaria de relaciones exteriores, Mexico
Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives, a center devoted to advancing the knowledge and contributions of Latinos in the United States
The Ancient Web: Precolonial resources on Mexico
The National Museum of Mexican Art
The New York Times Mexico Page
University of Texas-Austin LANIC, Mexico page
University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States
U.S.-Mexico Border Issues: A Selected Bibliography from the Smithsonian Institution Libraries’ Collections
U.S. State Department, Office of Mexican Affairs
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services